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Locking the keys in the car can be an especially frustrating ordeal, even scary in some instances.  As you peer in the window and see the keys idly sitting on the seat, you realize the dog stuck inside isn't going to be of much help. The crack you left in the window isn't big enough, you don't have a clothes hanger to hook the keys and you're officially out of options. Perhaps your last choice should've been your first – the call to the Locksmith in Winnetka, IL.  On the scene in minutes, the Winnetka Locksmith can quickly pick locks, repair locks, or open trunks.

In their years of picking locks and being the hero to stranded motorists in the greater Chicago area, the Winnetka Locksmiths have encountered many trials and tribulations of the trade. From broken keys lodges into doors, to keys trapped in trunks, to Fido's Revenge when a dog eats the keys, your call has likely been heard before. This experience not only makes for well-versed service technicians, it also helps to analyze and solve all sorts of problems that arise in the lock and key world.
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The automotive locksmiths in Winnetka, IL are on the scene within minutes when you call the 24/7 emergency lockout service. These highly-trained personnel have gone through elaborate apprenticeships and sometimes years of training to prepare for this moment. Armed with their tubular lock pick or Slim Jim, these masters of their craft will have you reunited with your puppy in minutes. Although lock picking has many various approaches, there's really only one solution for when your dog eats the keys…and you're on your own with that one.

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